Património da Humanidade
Centro de Portugal

“Lugares Património Mundial do Centro” (World Heritage Sites - Center) is a project aiming for the sustainable promotion of the natural and cultural landscape of Center Portugal, offering new experiences, engaging local communities and contributing to their economy.
  • Património da Humanidade Centro de Portugal
  • Património da Humanidade Centro de Portugal
Focusing on the historical landmarks classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, the agency for the promotion of tourism in Center Portugal drew a strategic development project, anchored in four sites: “Mosteiro da Batalha”, “Convento de Cristo”, “Mosteiro de Alcobaça” and “Universidade de Coimbra - Alta e Sofia”. It was from their amazing structures and decorative details that we drew the patterns used in the project’s identity.
Signaling a two year development period, the agency decided to launch a book asking writers and photographers to not only look back at the history of the sites, but also to look further into their richness with a contemporary and artistic approach.
  • Património da Humanidade Centro de Portugal
We directed 4 photographers to meet the 4 designated writers, asking them to seek new perspectives and include people in their images. The format, size and tactile quality of the book adress the scale and solemnity of these sites and provide a more adequate dimension for the pictures to be displayed.
“Mosteiro da Batalha”
Photography Alexandre Delmar, text Saul António Gomes
“Convento de Cristo”
Photography Nuno Moreira, text Paulo Pereira
“Mosteiro de Alcobaça”
Photography Fernando Guerra, text Carla Alexandra Gonçalves
“Universidade de Coimbra - Alta e Sofia”
Photography by Óscar Almeida, text by Jorge de Alarcão

Texts coordinated by António Maia do Amaral
  • Património da Humanidade Centro de Portugal