Quinta do Quetzal

Located in Vidigueira, Alentejo, the Quetzal Estate is a haven for both wine and art lovers. The project of the dutch de Bruin family brings together traditional Alentejo wines and internacional contemporary art against the backdrop of the region’s peculiar terroir. Our brief was to redesign the image of the estate and its wines, updating and coordinating the entire range. 
Quetzal, the preexisting name, anchored the project in the exotic bird known for its chromatic exuberance and fiery plumage, its shape translated into the elongated tail of the “Q”.The colour palette chosen for the labels unifies the range while at the same time distinguishing each variety. The textured geometry, obtained with emboss printing, evokes both the structure of the bird’s feathers and the rhythm and orientation of the rows in the Vidigueira vineyard.
For the Quetzal Família, a limited edition of special wines made only under exceptional conditions, the choice was of a simpler, more pared-down image, with the quetzal embossed on the label of the magnum bottles. In the wines that pay tribute to the chapel next to the property - built in the 17th century in honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe - we explored a small detail from the altar. Embossing, relief printing and metallic ink were also meant to express the pairing of an artistic approach to life and the visual language of winemaking at Quinta do Quetzal.