Taylor's 325 Years

For their 325th anniversary, Taylor’s, one of the oldest Port houses, decided to release a Limited Edition Port wine. This unique and opulent blend, made from carefully selected wines from the firm’s reserves of tawny stocks, required a special communication programme to include packaging design, a typographical commemorative logo and a new bottle and wine label.
The brief asked the design solution to meet the singularity of the occasion and the uniqueness of the product, that came to rank #9 in Wine Enthusiast's Top 100 Wines of 2017.
The bottle is based on a unique sealed bottle from the late 17th century, the same time as the foundation of Taylor’s (1692), being the earliest example of an intact bottle bearing the merchant’s mark. The ‘4XX’ symbol is still used today as Taylor’s trademark.
Although the brand’s legacy, and the history being evoked, imposed a classical, premium tone, the packaging ads a contemporary feature. It is a very simple yet effective solution, providing a safe container for a bulky bottle with only folded cardboard and a single drop of glue. More than a mere container, it also displays the bottle, highlighted by the intense red hue on the inside.